The Justice Lab at UW-Madison focuses on ending racial, economic, and health disparities across the rural-urban interface.


The Justice Lab at University of Wisconsin-Madison is a research and mentoring collective focused on ending/reducing racial, economic, and health disparities by critically examining the causes of spatial inequality. We offer creative solutions to address these issues that cut across the rural-urban interface. The lab will use multi/mixed methods approach in research.

To this end, the Justice Lab creates and sustains mapping that offers the public targeted research towards creating equity and justice around our most pressing issues like reintegrating the formally incarcerated, reducing the footprint of the prisons, jails, and immigrant detention, and reducing mass incarceration/school to prison pipeline.

Although rigorous academic publications are expected, the lab should move beyond conventional academic endeavors with public facing tools like digital online maps of communities at risk of criminal justice system expansion or locations of community based health providers for the formally incarcerated.